Artistic Staff


Assistant Director & Ballet Master, Navdhara India Dance Theatre
Director, NIDT International Students Program

Yehuda has a very extensive and prestigious resume in Classical Ballet.

He is the creator of the Maor Dance Workout, which is a new supplementary ballet training system. This revolutionary technique "breaks from tradition to save tradition" and is called MPT - Maor Placement Technique. Designed to maximize training time for ballet dancers, it has proven to be an extremely effective program designed to ensure proper placement and to enhance flexibility.

Yehuda has been a faculty member and ballet teacher of many of top dance companies in the world. Some of his career highlights are:

  • Dance Program Director / Marketing for Vertigo Dance Company, Israel (January 2012 - Present)
  • Company Ballet Teacher as well as Assistant Director of the MASA Dance Journey Program for Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company, Israel. (May 1995 - August 2000)
  • Faculty Member & Ballet Teacher for the advance students of Salzburg Experimental Dance Academy, Austria(January 2004 - January 2006)
  • Director of Ballet Madison, USA (January 2001 - May 2003)
  • Faculty Member and Ballet Teacher for the AAA Company and for the school and technique classes for Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre Company, USA (January 1995 - January 2001)
  • Ballet teacher for On Broadway, Broadway Dance Centre and Peridance Centre, USA (May 1995 - August 2000)
  • Artistic Director and Main Choreographer for Dancer's Stage Company and San Francisco Dance Theatre, USA (January 1982 - January 1995)
  • Faculty Member of Pacific Dance Centre, Canada (January 1980 - January 1982)
  • Taught master classes at Stanford University, USA

Yehuda has also had an extensive career as a Principal Dancer. Some highlights are:

  • Principal Dancer with Bat-Dor Dance Company, Israel (May 1967 - May 1981) - He was a principal dancer for 20 years and was the main partner of Jeannette Ordman
  • Principal Dancer and Choreographer with Rotterdam Dance (January 1972 - January 1973)
  • Dancer with Royal Ballet, London (January 1967 - January 1968)

Yehuda also participated in the filming of the documentary movie "Silver Feet", featuring his teaching methods and choreography. The movie aired on PBS and on cable television.

Yehuda is currently in India and is the Assistant Director & Ballet Master of Navdhara India Dance Theatre (NIDT). He is also the Ballet Master & Program Advisor of the Classical Ballet Division of The Danceworx Academy.


Master Teacher Contemporary, Navdhara India Dance Theatre
Program Manager, NIDT International Students Program

Yuko Harada is an international dancer / choreographer / artist / instructor.

Yuko started her dance education in Japan. In 1998, she moved to England to study dance at the Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance. In 2000, she started her professional career in Germany, joining the Stadttheater Bielefeld, and in 2005, continued on to the Staatstheater Darmstadt.

In September 2006, she moved to Israel to join the Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company (KCDC1). During her 6 years stay at KCDC, she became a Principal Dancer, a teacher in the International Dance Village in Kibbutz Ga'aton, as well as led KCDC workshops and auditions abroad.

As a choreographer, she has travelled the world working with a variety of people with a wide range of skill sets and talent. Her choreography has been well received internationally. She was featured for Junge Choreographen at Theater Bielefeld Germany in 2005, Young Choreography (Nitzotzot) Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company in 2007, 2010, 2012, and more. She was nominated and chosen to perform her own choreography "Manichimal" in the 10th Stuttgart Solo Tanztheater Festival Competition in 2006.

Yuko is currently in India and is the Program Director of Navdhara India Dance Theatre (NIDT). She is also the Master Teacher & Program Advisor of the Contemporary Dance Division of The Danceworx Academy.