Passage Through Dance

NIDT International Students Program


Currently Navdhara India Dance Theatre is in creation process, therefore this program will be suspended till end of March. The program will resume from March onwards.

Artistic Director: Ashley Lobo
Program Director / Ballet Master: Yehuda Maor
Program Director: Yuko Harada


“Passage Through Dance”
A unique Program designed to give international dancers a platform to explore themselves in India and meet new challenges through vigorous professional dance training and cultural exchange.


The Passage Through Dance is a 3 month intensive dance program geared towards professional and advanced students / dancers (Age 17-28, Exceptions maybe made) to expand their dance artistry and expertise.

The studios are located in Mumbai at Andheri West.

All the classes will be conducted entirely in English. Dancers from all nationalities are welcome.


  • Professional training in Classical Ballet, Contemporary Dance, Improvisation and Jazz.
  • Exposure to Indian Classical Dance, Yoga and meditation.
  • Prana Paint technique developed by Ashley lobo. (Artistic Director of Navdhara india dance theatre) This technique explores movement through connectivity, yoga, breath and touch to help the dancer go deeper within and express themselves with more clarity.
  • Maor Placement Technique developed by Mr. Yehuda Maor, which helps the dancers to understand placement, navigation and aerodynamics in dance.
  • Volunteer opportunities will be given to the students to teach and share their knowledge with some the under-privileged students.
  • New choreography will be created through collaboration between the International Students & Indian Dancers that will enrich artistic & cultural knowledge.
  • Student studio showcase will be presented in Mumbai and Delhi.
  • NIDT repertoire will be taught by company members to every international student for student showcase.

  • Each student is given a custom made Program specially designed by the Artistic Director of the Project.
  • Each students wants and needs will be taken into consideration to create this unique Program and once you arrive, you will have an interview process to tailor a Program that helps you meet and find more about your dream.
  • This is not a school, it is more life experiencing to dancers in the professional dance world.


  • All dancers need to audition to be accepted into the program.
  • Dancers can audition by video or attend a class in Mumbai.
  • If you are interested, please send an email with:
    - your resume (CV)
    - headshot photo
    - a short audition video of your choice of the material you would like us to see
  • We have limited space for each program. Applications must be received by September 14th 2015.


  • Dancers who wish to come for 1 month, can join the existing classes for the period.
  • The tuition for 1 month classes + accommodation is $1500.
  • The registration fee is $50.

NOTE: Aside from classes other aspects of the main program are not available in this module.


  • Passage Through Dance